eat with hand

The tactile is so important in cooking. I designed and prepared “Nonstatic Edibles”, a tactile and performative food experience in May 2019. This brought a small audience in touch with sounding gestures in food. Different utensils in wood and cooking objects were placed on the table, and guests were invited to make them sound. It was in collaboration with the Curriculum Public School of Performance programme led by Cecilia Ullerup Schmidt, (IKK department, University of Copenhagen) and hosted by Louise Lassen Iversen at the Meter Art Gallery in Copenhagen.

This experience was inspired by the incredible tactile culinary experience of artist Lei Saito and her cuisine existentielle: . Lei Saito created lunch sculptures for the “Arts graphiques culinaires Europe-Asie » Colloquium convened by Sandrine Ruhlmann in Paris (18-19 mars 2019):

Creation by Lei Saito, 18-19 March 2019.

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