Sound-Cook Workshop I

“On Rhythm Workshop”, 10 February 2019, Copenhagen Food House

Video by multi-media artist Kat Jensen

Sound-Cook Workshop I
“On Rhythm Workshop”, 10 February 2019, Copenhagen Food House

Participants bring awareness to sonic movements, listening pauses, sensorial textures and interactions that rhythm foodmaking. This event brought sound researchers and artists, musicians and cooks together. The cooking event was situated within several different exercises exploring the senses in space: including sound walks of the meat-packing district in Copenhagen. Artist Anne Lepere created an experience of entering the kitchen blindfolded, discovering it with hands, bodies, ears, nose. Sound recorders were visibly present throughout this experience. Participants were invited to “dance with microphones”: they could cook then stop and wander with field recorders and then cook again.

Researchers and Artists Carla J. Maier, Roo Bernatek, Astrid Ellehøj Maaloee getting ready to make pasta dough

“What I liked by listening to sounds of our own cooking with headphones was that it revealed sounds that would otherwise have remained hidden and unheard, so some sounds became suddenly so clear and sharply audible … it made us move around and position ourselves differently”

Janna R. Weiland
Sound Artist Anne Lepère plating salades in unique designs
Just before the start of the meal.
Multi-media artist Kat Jensen and Sound researcher Carla J. Maier exploring the cooking space with hands through Anne Lepère’s activity.

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