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2021-02-24. The Sounds Delicious Project. Lecture at Sonic Arts Lab, Queens University Belfast.

2021-02-26. The Politics of Listening, NXT Podcast produced by Madeleine-Kate McGowan

2021- 03-18. How ‘singing’ bees draw urban humans into an everyday world of interspecies communication”,  Crafting a Sonic Urbanism III, Theatrum Mundi conference, 18 March 2021, Gaité Lyrique, Paris, FR. [minute 3:32:00]

2020-05-09. “Rhythms of Contact. Nxt Encounters 3” by Melissa Van Drie and Anna Neumann (Cambridge, Digital Humanities). A digital event series curated by Madeleine-Kate McGowan, hosted by Nxt Media, Art, Rebellion Platform.