Attuning with bees, flowers and honey

From March 2019- present, I did participative research in honey harvests with Oliver Maxwell at Bybi Honey in Copenhagen, DK. Being with the honey bees brought a completely different experience of attunement into my life: brought cycles of pollination and the specific vibrations of pollinators into hearing range.

When one opens up the boxes, heat and honey fragrances greet me. The sounds of the bees are specific: one can hear their moods.

Field recording: Melissa Van Drie
Bybi bee boxes in Valby park, Copenhagen.

Sticking metallic sounds fill the room as wooden frames heavy with honey are spun. The golden, raw honey flows out.

honey filtering after a first spin
Honey comb after it’s been open and spun

A taste session of fermented honey drinks with Yi-Cheng Liu:

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